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2015 Catfish Challenge Boatloadakids
Caught this one today and decided to get my third entry in. Caught on carp meat about a mile east of Lincoln Beach. Took five pictures and didn't notice I had my name covered on my logo until I got home... same big feet in the picture??.. same old smelly boat??

Might have stretched him to 24 1/2 but will try for 24. No problem if he is rejected because of the picture.

Water temp was 59 degrees today. Serious catchin' will pick up soon.

The best is yet to come.

[#008000]Yeah, should dock ya for covering the name. I've never seen them feet before I swear it!
I like the tape at the tip, but can see a clear overhang, so I'll give you the 1/2. I know you'll do better yet.
24.5 pnts

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