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2015 Catfish Challenge Boatloadakids
Oh boy, here we go.... please bump my 24 1/2 incher for this 25 incher caught today, 4-29, at UL. Hey, a half inch is a half inch and I may need it if UL dries up this year. Yeah, yeah, I know it is more work for Yote but gotta get every half inch I can.

Great fishin' today. Caught 8 channels and a mudder. The carp were active and the white bass were a nuisance all day. Water temp hit 62 before I left at about noon. Action should really turn on this week.

The best is yet to come.

WHOA man,,,, now I notice I had Catcarsen's name showing on the logo instead of mine. Duh. I have mine on one side and his on the other... didn't notice it until I looked at the post.

I choose to withdraw this one. I'll get a bigger one anyway. Maybe enter him in the honorable mention category?

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