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Green River and Ham's Fork
Does anyone have any recent info on the fishability of the Green below Fontenelle or the Ham's Fork.

Below Fontenelle is blown out and high. They lowered the discharge on the 10th but it is still really high. The lake itself is still low, I think that they are trying to drain the lake in preparation for the runoff. Here is a useful link for that

I cant comment on the Hams fork though.
Thanks for the info and link. Much appreciated.
The Hams is high and off color. It should be fishing pretty good. I plan to get out on it in the next few weeks, if I can bag a turkey.

The Green is really high and chocolate below the big sandy confluence. It looks pretty similar to the Ham's up high.

I would be careful if you wade or drift boat out on these rivers make sure to wear a life jacket. I was talking to a rescuer the other day and he stated that people die every year on the green.

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