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2017 Utah Fishing Challenge - Hookngrinin
I fished the beautiful Lake Powell for a few days this past week. What an awesome fishery. I caught 8 different fish species. Here is a collection of the 5 I took pictures of to include in the challenge. I also caught bluegill, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.


Black crappie 14"
Channel catfish 15"
Gizzard shad 17"
Striped bass 22"
Walleye 17"

[#00bf00]Wow nice haul Ron, incredible crappie 14 points, I couldn't quite get the 15 for the channel, so 14.5 points there, 17 for shad, 21.5 for striper and 17 points for walleye... And that nice mix might put you in first place... nice job... J[/#00bf00]
Starvation Reservoir
Rainbow trout


[#00bf00]Wow what a pretty fish, nice job Ron... 22 points[/#00bf00]
Starvation Reservoir
Smallmouth bass


[#008000]Nice smallie Ron, making me work on adding and subtracting to verify, but yes good for 13 points... Nice job!! filling the boxes and moving up the charts... [/#008000]
Hey Jeff - Sorry about the poor line up with the tape in the smallmouth pic. I was trying to get a good quick pic and get her back in the water. Thanks Ron
No worries Ron, I found out the other night how tough getting a decent photo can be... Plus I'm getting spoiled with all the bump board photos that make it easy to score the fish, so once in a while I get to earn the big bucks they pay me for scoring this contest.... Oh wait they aren't paying me... No worries anyway, only problem may be that I might not give you as good of score as you deserve if things don't line up... Thanks for all the help this year with the contest... Sure appreciate you keeping this one up to date.. Catch ya later... J
Strawberry Reservoir
Cutthroat Trout


[#00bf00]Hey Ron, that looks like 20.5 points to me.... nice job... J[/#00bf00]
Angel Lake
Arctic Grayling


[#00bf00]Nice job Ron, good for 11.5 points grayling..[/#00bf00]

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