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Let's have a discussion about the Plains Lakes
I bet there have been posts about the Laramie Plains lakes before on this forum. If so, feel free to just post a link if there has been a good discussion in the past.

If anyone want to discuss....

So, I've put a fair amount of time in trying to hook into a bag trout on Hattie, Twin Buttes and Meeboer and even Leazenby a time or two. I've caught a total of one average sized rainbow (14 in) out of Gelatt. Very frustrating considering I know monsters come out of there consistently. I always end up ditching the idea of plains lakes fishing and head to the mountains where things are normal and I understand what's going on. lol. smdh.

What are some tried and true methods of catching the hogs out of the plains lakes? Any suggestions for flies, lures, spinners, jigs? Spin fishing or fly fishing, I do both. Does it help to leave the shore in a float tube or boat? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
While this discussion is going on do they still catch large brook trout ( 4-5lbs.) out of Diamond Lake like they were 15-20 years ago?

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