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2017 Catfish Contest Brent Malone
I caught 3 within a half hour at Utah Lake on Friday (6-23-17).

1st Flathead Cat 24"
2nd Flathead Cat 19"
3rd Flathead Catfish 25"

Sorry My pictures kind of suck. I had a hard time getting the fish to
cooperate when i was talking pictures.
You guys talk some good pics of fish, I guess i need more practice.
Or if there is any tips you can give me on taking pictures of fish.

[#00bf00]Hey Brent you did pretty good for a first attempt at making an entry... With the tape I sometimes can't give you the points a bump board may show, but from what I can see I'm going to give you 23.5, 18.5 and 25 points for the fish... Sorry with the pictures I can't see more... Sometimes extra photos will help you get better pictures to enter...Thanks for entering... J[/#00bf00]
Brent, welcome to the site.
3 Cats in less than an hour, that's doing quite well.
Tips for taking photos:
1) If you are keeping the fish, wait till it's dead, cut the spikes off so it lays flat, then photo. Much more cooperative that way..[Wink].
2) If not keeping, make sure as best you can, nose is at end of tape, and tail is straight (may even get you an extra 1/2 point).
3) Cats are pretty resilient, keep resetting the fish and take several shots to be sure you have at least one good one to pick for the contest post.

May consider building a "Bump Board", several members have made some pretty fancy ones. But if you are bank fishing, will be too much to carry. The tape in your photos looked good.

Nice going. PM sent
"OCD = Obsessive Catfish Disorder "
    Or so it says on my license plate holder
Date 6/30/17 Utah Lake out by the Lindon Marina, south of the marina about a 1/2 mile. Near a sandy beach with stairs and pavilion to the water. Had to wade through some water to get a good fish spot.

Caught 3 cat and 1 small mouth white bass

1 Catfish 21.5"
2 Catfish 21"
3 Catfish 19.5"

The Small mouth bass would be Utah Fishing Challenge
4 Small White Bass 10 3/4" (11")

[#00bf00]Ok the biggest catfish is 21 points, we round down.. The rest of the cats were smaller than your other fish on the chart. Your score is 67 now. For the White bass, in the future you make a separate post for fishing challenge entries verses catfish contest... Biggest reason is Ron won't see your score to record it if you don't have a challenge post... But the WB is good for 10.5 points... Later J[/#00bf00]
I caught 2 today at Utah Lake after two hours spent trying to catch something at Tibble Fork Res.

1st: catfish 24.5"
2nd catfish 26"

Any tips on how to catch something else besides cats.
Anybody else ever fished at Tibble Fork Res., I think there is supposed
to be trout and bass in the res.
I just use the basic worm, hook and fish off bank method.
I would accept ideas, things I could do or any methods that somebody else
has used.

Thanks for letting me join I am having fun. I have been to more areas fishing
then just Utah Lake.

Brent Malone

PS. I wasn't thinking about the small bass when I posted it. to make a separate post for that contest. To much sun the last 5 days and getting hotter, have a nice tan though now. Thanks.

[#00bf00]Nice job good for 24.5 and 26 points.... Hey to get some real help on your questions you should try a post on the main Utah fishing forum... You should get some great tips and responses there... Not a lot of members review the posts in the contest area so you may not get any help here, but the main area will give you lots of tips... Nice job and thanks for joining in the fun... J[/#00bf00]

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