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Help Me Save My Grandon's Summer
My son, grandson and I live near Denver. We had a fishing trip scheduled to Oklahoma, but the resort we had reservations at got blown away with floods and a tornado.
We want to to to Wyoming for a couple days. We would very much appreciate any tips on good fishing resorts, or places to stay near some good fishing. Thanks so much in advance. My grandson is 9 and eats, breaths and talks fishing all the time. It's his favorite pastime. The attached pic was taken yesterday.
What type of fish are you looking to catch? That will help us to point you in the right direction as to where to go. Also how far are you looking to travel? Do you have a boat or will you be fishing from the bank? Do you require a hotel/cabin near your waters or will you be camping in a tent/camper? If you could just clarify what exactly you are looking for we can then help to suggest an area or body of water to go to.

PS no picture was attached
Must be a bug in this website. I answered your message early this afternoon, but it's not showing up here. I also sent the pic for the second time. I'll try again.

We're used to Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and catfish fishing, but we'd be happy with anything. I mainly want my grandson to catch as many fish as possible. Large or small (he's never caught anyting bigger than a Bluegill or a small trout).

We're talking about bank fishing or in a covered fishing dock. We don't have a boat, but could rent one if available.

We would need a place to stay as we don't have any camping equipment. A room or cabin big enough for the three of us would be great. And if it's near the fishing, that would be even better.

We have about four days, including travel time. We live close to Denver and Golden, Colorado.

Thanks again for any help you can give us. I'll try to attach the pic again.
Ok well that gives me some direction anyways. Hopefully someone from the eastern portion of the state chimes in here but I can provide some info on my area. I have fished all over Wyoming but it has mainly been out of my boat so it is kind of limited for bank fishing.

I live in Pinedale WY which is about a 6.5 hr drive from the Denver area, easily done in a day (I do it a few times a year to come down and watch the Ave's play). This area is primarily a trout fishery but there are lots of options for someone fishing off the bank. We have all kinds of trout: brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat, mackinaw, golden, etc and we even have some kokanee Salmon and Arctic Grayling. There are also lake options as well as river/ stream options.

If you are willing to hike a little ways I can get you on some waters that you can catch small 8-10" trout every cast for as long as you want to.

Pinedale has a bunch of different lodging options from chain hotels to small cabins on the banks of the lakes near town. A couple lakes also offer boat rentals if you are looking to do that.

This area is also very senic if you just want to go take in the sights and we are only about an hour south of Jackson Hole if you wanted to go up and see the Tetons or something like that.

If this sounds good to you feel free to PM me on here and I will give you my email and we can talk specifics. Way to get the younger generation involved!
Thank you so much! I will pass this info on to my son and grandson. They're calling the shots on this adventure. It may be too far for us to drive this time, but there's always next summer. My son is a high school teacher and school opens up early this year. Your suggestions sound wonderful. Thanks again!
I'm also in the Pinedale area. Sounds like I can't offer any more help in this area haha but you have lots of options. Any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you so much. You're the best!
Well I have fished at Glendo and the fishing there can be great or poor, but I have only fished it from the boat but we were well within casting distance from the shore down by the marina catching walleye. As for places to stay not sure

I have been fishing Boysen from my boat and it has been getting better even the shore fisher people are catching some nice fish, the Canyon below Boysen dam has been producing some nice walleye and trout but the flows have just been drastically reduced so that might have a big impact on the fishing down there, and for places to stay close Shoshoni is about 10 miles from the dam and 1 mile away from the causeway so close proximity to the fishing with a couple hotels.

Heard that Semino reservoir has been picking up nicely and some nice trout and walleye have been caught off the shore. As for places to stay not sure.

Other than that there are Upper and Lower Sunshine for some nice trout action up towards Cody but that is about as far to drive to Pindale.

Hope this helps some for some of the other waters of the state.
Thank you very much!
Casper would not be a bad town to stay at.

You can fish the North Platte - Greys Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon. I believe a lot of the portions are artificial flies and lures only.

You can fish Seminoe, Pathfinder, Alcova and Glendo. You can use live minnows in the lakes.

There is also a bunch of good fishing in Colorado that you could look at it. At Blue Mesa you can catch yellow perch all day with a potential to get into a big mac.

The options are really limitless and it is all about choosing what you would like to do.

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