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2018 Catfish Contest STANDINGS
[#0000ff]Little turn around last night 3 cats rolling in on the north, to take the lead back from team south... Ahi still has a big lead even though the number two fish is only a little ways behind from the south... this is the fun part of the contest where there are big swings everyday when folks get out after them... South has 7 fish on the score board and the north has 8, so the North's lead isn't as big as it may appear to be... two more fish for team north to fill the bracket, and the south needs 3 fish... From there it's bump time... Good luck everyone, I'm expecting this Friday to be exciting with lots of action, cats will be active and I know the south has a major attack planned... Get out there and have some fun... Cats are actually biting pretty well right now... I had 10 takes last night, but only hooked two... Good luck.... Later J[/#0000ff]

[#0000ff][inline catcon32818.PNG][/#0000ff]


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