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Alcova Walleye
Are they biting? What is the water temperature? Where do you find the Walleye this time of year?

I live in Idaho Falls and would like to come over and fish Alcova during the Memorial Holiday. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Not a lot of members posting on this board and when they do it is mainly about the Gorge or one of the lakes upstream from there. If you make it up to Alcova please post a report, can't say I've ever read a report on here about that lake. Good luck.
I ended up fishing Pathfinder on Saturday and caught 4 walleye, the biggest one was 18 inches. We fished the Sweetwater inlet and saw about 10 other boats. Memorial day we fished in Alcova and caught 20 trout and 1 kokanee. We fished for walleye at Alcova for about 3 hours but didn't catch any. We were using one of the paper printed maps of the lakes to direct our efforts but we didn't succeed in finding the walleye in Alcova.

When I stopped at the regional game and fish office to get my boat inspected and buy an aquatic invasive species sticker the officer adviced to go to Pathfinder for walleye. So that's why we changed our plans.
Thanks for the report, I did not know that Alcova had kokes, was there any size to the one you caught? Have you ever fish Boysen Res? I hear it has a lot of big eyes.
The koke was about 15 inches and had plenty of flesh. I don't think there are a lot of kokanee in Alcova. We fished the same area for about an hour and only caught that one.

Boysen is good for eyes but I haven't fished in quit a while. Really can't say what the status of the lake is.
That's a decent fish. The last member on this board that posted about Boysen was Crankem, he move up there from Utah when he retired but we haven't heard from him in a while. Here is one of the post he made about fishing there:;#739570
I've always want to give it a try but it's such a long drive, I've never made it.

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