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Hobble Creek, WY
Can anyone here answer questions regarding fishing Hobble Creek near Cokeville, Wyoming.
What questions do you have?
I can tell you this. Hobble Creek is just like every other cool little stream in western Wyoming. It is getting HAMMERED by folks from Utah. This stream is pretty remote and not really anything special as far as the fishing is concerned. If catching Bonneville Cutts is on your “to do” list then go get it, but I think you will be disappointed with what you find. Well, you may not be disappointed if sight seeing is as important as catching fish. Fishing Lost Creek in Weber canyon will produce much bigger and more Bonneville Cutts any day. And the real bonus is the brown trout in Lost Creek! I’d wager there will be as many anglers from Utah on Hobble Creek on any given day as Lost Creek.

Happy new year!

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