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“2018/2019 Utah Ice Fishing Challenge – ofishal_chris
My first time on the ice this year! and first ever tiger trouts!

Huntington Reservoir

Tiger Trout: 16 inches

Cutthroat Trout: 17.5 inches

[#0000bf]That's great! Nice fish! [/#0000bf]
[#ff0000]Tiger trout - 16[/#ff0000]
[#ff0000]Cutthroat trout - 17.5[/#ff0000]
Very nice start! What was the ice thickness? Plan on a trip this weekend. Thanks.
Nice job!!! I sure need to be hitting those upper lakes before it gets hard to reach for snow... congrats nice fish... Later J
Ice was 5" where I was, about the middle of the lake, close to shore. But there was 6 inches of slush on top of the ice where other had been earlier that weekend, and almost a foot of snow on top of the slush. Made for very wet conditions. But fishing was hot!

It was weird to me that after drilling a hole, water would gush out of it to completely fill the hole I dug in the snow to get to the ice. After fishing for a while there were standing pools of water everywhere I had drilled or had been sitting.
Thanks for the report and update on conditions. It can get soggy when the snow layer is pushing the ice sheet down forcing the water to flow through the hole.
Echo reservoir
Yellow Perch
10.5 inches

Yellow perch - 10.5

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