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2019 cat contest CatCarsen
Utah Lake 6-12-19 Caught on white bass. One is 28 inches and the other is 27.


[#00bf00]Looks like 27.5 and 28 points to me... great trip...congrats..[/#00bf00]
Nice job. Your'e off to a good start. If I remember right from last year you were stuck at three 27s for a while, ahead of my three 26.5s. Now get gramps to show you where he keeps the 30"ers corralled up.
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29 inches, Utah Lake, July 4.


[#00bf00]Great fish good for 29 points... It doesn't cross the 29 line, but it does stick out in front of the other end, so looks good for 29... Later J[/#00bf00]
Utah Lake, 8-16-19, 28 1/2 inches.

[#00bf00]Nice job Carsen, good for 28.5 points... [/#00bf00]
Nice cat. Keep'em coming!
Nice catch
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