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Traveling to caldwell....looking for steelhead fishing
Hey everyone, so I am from Utah and will be traveling to caldwell, ID in the next couple weeks (9/13-9/16) I was wondering if there was anywhere within about 2 hours of there that provides decent steelhead fishing? If not maybe somewhere that provides decent fishing for large trout or salmon?
It's interesting that you would say that. I live in Nampa, Idaho right next to Caldwell. I don't know any places about steelhead or salmon, but I do know 3 good trout spots if you are interested.

First, there is Marsing Island Park, a stocked trout pond.

Second is Wilsons Springs, another stocked trout pond.

Then, there is a creek I am allowed to fish in that has trout near my house. I fish and fly fish there all the time.

The trout at these spots are small, though. Thats the downside.

I also have a catfish spot I pull MASSIVE cats out of a lot of the time. I am talking 10 pounders.

Anyway, if you are interested, feel free to send me a message.

I lived in north Idaho for a number of years fishing Salmon and Stealhead. I can tell you that Caldwell is the wrong part of the state for ocean run Stealhead. Stealhead and Salmon are found in the Salmon River, Snake River below Hells Canyon dam and Clearwater River drainage's in north Idaho. Plus it is very early and the stealhead are just starting to make their way into the lower portions of those river systems and are not yet there in large numbers.Fall into spring is the best time to pursue Stealhead. I cant help with the south west part of Idaho as far recommendations of where to fish, as my familiarity is with North Idaho and South East Idaho, but I'm sure some one from that area can point you in the right direction.
That was a very cool offer!

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