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Fishing access on La barge creek wy
Does anyone know where the fishing access is on La Barge creek wy and is there any camping.
Welcome to the site, I'll move your post to our Wyo board, hopefully someone there can answer your question.
There is quite a few camping spots as you get into the national forest along the creek.

Right now, they may be limited due to the hunting season.

A couple words of advice. If you are heading there.

I would either go in from Big Piney or Smoot. That La Barge creek road from La Barge to the National Forest is awful. I cannot believe how many people take their trailers up there. It is 100% a lot better to go in through Big Piney or Smoot and take the nice dirt road into the creek area.

Another word of advice is snow. Snow can build up fast this time of year, watch the weather report when you go.

Lots of fish to be had on la barge creek, so enjoy yourself up there.

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