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CJ Strike
Just thought I'd pass on some fishing info on CJ.  My brother-in-law was over there last week with a couple friends fishing for crappie on the Res and below the dam for sturgeon. In 4 days of fishing from 3 to 6 each day, they brought home a little over 400 crappie with average size around 9-10 inches. Said that you couldnt keep them off and generally were in 12-15 FOW with some up to 20 ft. He said they were using just a small rubber lead head jig green in color and nothing on the hook, just bare.

On the river for sturgeon, it was his first time ever for them. The guys he was with had fished a lot before and were good at catching them. They set him up on a rig and in 2 days, he landed 8 with the largest 8'.  He was as giddy as a little kid at Christmas. He sent me some photos via text but I deleted them before I thought about posting up here. 

Sounded like they were about a mile up from the damn in the narrows area. Ive only been there once so I dont know the places well and of course it was his first time there so couldnt tell me much about it.

So, good luck if your heading over there.  I was surprised the fish bite for crappie was so hot right now but hey, I'd take them any time too.
Thanks for the report. With the weather lately i have been wondering if anyone had tried strike.
Were they in a boat?
(03-12-2020, 12:27 AM)liketrolling Wrote: Were they in a boat?

In a boat for crappie but shore for sturgeon as I was told
Yea CJ has been good for a couple of weeks now. If the wind would ever stop blowing when I’m available to go I’ll be there.

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