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Any ramps open at CJ?
Any ramps open at CJ? Black sands perhaps?
Not likely anything open there as everything is Idaho power owned and they closed everything even to day use for now.
I don't believe black sands is owned by Idaho power. It is private. Might be worth a call to see if they are open. I heard the state park ramp was open.
(03-30-2020, 09:26 PM)forgiven Wrote: Any ramps open at CJ? Black sands perhaps?

Sorry for the late reply but yes Black Sands was open as of 4-6-2020 and I have heard nothing to change that.   I will warn you that the word is out and the conditions are crowded for such a tight bay.   The sheriff said they were thinking about restricting the total allowed boats to 50.   I personally would not go there on the weekends.   What I experienced on the two weekdays that I went were as crowded as I would want to be under current levels of covid.   

Oh, the fishing you ask?    It was pretty darn good and I think it should be better by now.   The crappie were loaded with eggs and water temp at 49 F so could be spawning anytime.  I caught 15 crappie one day and 10 the next but the second day was only for 4 hours or so.   They averaged 10" and one was pushing 12".    There were a surprising number of white crappie, making up maybe 40% of the catch.   I was using various jigs in combinations of two per rod, baited with crappie nibbles and fished 10' and 20' under the boat, trolling with wind energy maybe 0.3 mph, using a water sock to slow down the troll if the wind was over 5 mph....
I'm sure with the nice weather this weekend everywhere will be a madhouse. Nice to see they are going to restrict boat numbers instead of shutting the ramps down. Sounds like a couple good trips.

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