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Need help learning a new lake
I could use some help trying to figure out how to fish a lake.  My daughter and I really want to do some fishing this summer but want to move to bigger and better things than the family fishing waters.

We both have Kayaks and want to get out on some small lakes and catch something a little larger than the typical stocked trout.  My problem, I dont know how to find fish with a boat.  I am thinking about getting a fish finder.

I want to try Mann Creek reservoir.  We tried from shore a weekend ago but didnt get anything.  I had no idea where to go or what to fish with.  We tried some assorted spinners and a worm under a bobber.  Didnt feel like a work under a bobber was going to be very effective.  Didnt see anyone else catching anything.  We were on a beach like area near the dam (there is a parking area \ picnic area there)  There were 2 boats on the lake and a person on the dam.  No one seemed to be catching anything so that could be part of the probem.

What are some good things to do when coming to a new lake to find the fish, especially reserviors?  Reservoirs are odd for me because they change so much during the year.  Back in Iowa, water levels dont change a whole lot and once you find some structure or something, its always there.    Any advice for fishing Mann creek from shore?  How about from a Kayak?  What things do you look for in water conditions, specific water temp?  Are there features that you can see from shore that you target?  At Mann Creek I was thinking the shore along the west side looked steep so maybe the water is deeper close to shore. 

I need to find some success somewhere so I can get my daughter interested in trying new places.  I have tried 2 new areas this spring and they both have been a bust yet every time we go to our favorite spot at Wilson Springs, she always catches at least 2 trout, (4 last time we went or maybe its the same trout 4 times - hard to tell).  I want to get her somewhere we can catch something a little larger so she will be a little more excited about taking some short day trips.

One other question - is Paddock Valley Reservoir worth trying?
I like a worm and marshmallow a foot off of the bottom when fishing from the bank. Jigs can also be effective this time of year. Look at different access points at lakes you want to try and start going, try several places if possible, might take more than one trip to get a idea of where to fish, I like starting on points that go into a lake. Don't get discouraged with a few bad trips, persistence pays off.
Going to try it again this weekend and see what happens.   Will take Kayaks so my daughter can cruise around with the kayak while I try to figure out where to go.  Found a depth chart on line so will have to figure out what the likely locations to find fish.  Will be using spinning reels.  Will try in the afternoon too because we were there mid-day which was probably a bad time to try to fish from shore.

We got twitchy and went to our favorite close by spot last night and caught 1 fish each which was good enough for us for now.  They were not biting very hard.
I like the early mornings, seems most lakes have a good note from sunup to around noon then shutoff for the afternoon and start again in the evening.

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