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Morman Crickets for Cats
I caught a bunch of Morman Crickets last fall because I had heard they make good catfish bait. Well I tried them live for trout on the Snake, but that didn't work out. So I forgot about them in my downstairs fridge. But I still want to try them for bait. Had anyone have any experience with them? I will thread some 20lb. braid tied to a hook and slide the cricket to the hook.[Image: IMG-20200429-210012.jpg]
Haven't ever used those, but I've used grasshoppers and they make great bait. I'd think those would work just as well.
I tried them live in the Snake R. last fall. But they aren't like grasshoppers. They don't move when they are cold. I never got a bite.
You might be able to squeeze them a little and get some scent out of them and they'll work great for cats. Can try them on one rod and a your preferred bait on another one to see how they're going to work.

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