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Red Fleet
Been waiting for an excuse to hit red fleet for a couple of years now and finally today was that day. Day off work with cool temps mixed with wind and rain in flaming gorge country so I headed over the mountain where the forecast said 70 and cloudy. It was spot on. Windy this morning but it laid down about noon or so. Took me a while to figure out this new game. Trolled everything I had mixing in different speeds, different setbacks, etc and couldn’t get anything to bite. Finally I pulled up to one of the spots I had marked while trolling around, and parked over a school of fish. I was reluctant at first that they were even game fish but being as the Lake was recently treated I thought they had to be wipers. A few very small taps for the first bite made me wonder but I soon hooked up with my first wiper. Small yet mighty. I came home with my allowed 6 and released 6 others. Of those 12 there were a handful that didn’t know how to hold on to the bait long enough. All in all a great day! [Image: 19-BC2-D22-1-FAD-4917-A39-B-4-D3222146-E6-A.jpg]

[Image: 8-EA5037-D-55-CE-46-DA-87-A2-1-D5575-CF9-D50.jpg]

[Image: AB6-FB8-BB-CF51-495-E-B5-FE-80-BB253703-AC.jpg]
Thanks for the report and the pictures.

I'd heard that Red Fleet was good for multiple species and that the wipers were putting on some weight.

Way to put meat on the table! Tongue
Great write up. I've pondered making the trip up there, may have to put it on the list.

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