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Chasing The Bluefin Trevally!
Pound For Pound One of The Strongest Fish on The Reef!

This is a very popular game fish that is also one of the most powerful fighters pound for pound. For most of us it's a "dream fish" who's power commands & earns our respect. Most times i tend to target Bonefish for those sizzling runs but the Bluefin Trevally doesn't disappoint! Known locally as the Omilu it is consumed raw or cooked & dried. This is a fast synopsis of catching & admiring this king of the reef in it's natural setting. Hope you enjoy it.
(Mahalo to my bud Arnold Gum for letting me use one of his pics).[Image: 1-Pic.jpg][Image: 17-Pic.jpg][Image: 20.jpg][Image: 16.jpg]

[/url][url=]can you google a picture

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