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Flaming Gorge 6-27
[Image: IMG-0370.jpg][Image: image0.jpg]
Launched at Buckboard Saturday morning, water temp was 66 degrees.
The parking lot was full and most of the boats were in a pack trolling for Kokanee on the East side of Big Bend. My brother dropped the downriggers with orange and pink squids while I put out two longline rods with crankbaits, An hour later I had caught two 16" rainbows on a fire tiger orange ShadRap. With no Kokanee in the boat and very few on the sonar we decided to reel in and jig for some Lakers in the river channel. The Lakers were scattered and didn't seem interested in our tube jigs so we moved to the shoreline and threw crankbaits,spinners, and spoons for Rainbows. My brother lost a nice rainbow at the boat and I caught two 'bows between 19 and 20 inches on a stoplight pattern Wallydiver. The 19 incher in the photo went in the livewell, the others went back to die another day.

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