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Ideal conditions for catching over 100
Yesterday my partner as usual insisted we leave for the lake early considering the hot midday temperatures we've been experiencing.
Gotta say, the gent has chosen some fantastic days to fish and we've caught over 100 - 180 fish combined on some.  When we launched the flat bottom, it was overcast with light showers and no wind. I prefer a breeze to add a surface ripple (which happened on and off later), but wasn't needed from 7:00 - 9am. 

On any water, fish location patterns are the most important to discover and fortunately the area we fished held most of what we caught: 11" crappie, 6-7" sunfish, yellow perch and small bass. The long flat we fished was 5.5' deep and bordered 7'. Sonar helped find baitfish as well as keep us on structure. No bait fish, usually no fish present to catch. Fish locations do change and most of the time seasonal changes dictate them. Some anglers we saw were hugging the bank around the lake fishing for bass. With the pressure on that small lake high most days of the week, I doubt they had many strikes.

The lures we used to catch fish usually can be counted on regardless the lake because their size, shapes and actions are suited to the type of fishing specific to this water. The lures tell me what fish if any are present anywhere around the boat. 106 fish were caught from 7:30am - 12:30pm with either zero wind up to 10 mph gusts later on along with bright sun and an 80+ degree air temperature. 

This lake is not a place to fish on weekends with all the kayakers and canoers passing too near for comfort. Seems there's been an explosion of them anywhere I fish whether for fishing or pleasure. I couldn't sit in one for very long, needing to stand and fish ever so often as does my usual fishing partner. I guess early on/ early off is the best advice for such waters though early catches are never guaranteed. Should be interesting if the weather changes in August from the 2 months of drought and heat to more rainfall and moderate temperatures.

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