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Tiger Time!
(09-03-2021, 11:06 PM)Big Sky Wrote:
(09-03-2021, 08:19 PM)TubeDude Wrote: Beautiful fish and nice pics.  But your attitude seems to be kinda "neener neener".  I'm first in line against posting too much info on fragile waters that can't withstand more pressure.  But it ain't nice to report "Ha, I caught these and I ain't gonna tell ya nothin' about where it was."  Just sayin', it could be a bit more subtle.

But congrats on your evident angling skills...and your skill both with the camera and artwork.  I'll enjoy what you choose to post and only speculate on what you don't.

Well coming across as neener neener I’m first in line was not the intent. The intent is and was…if a person works hard, does a lot of research, and puts in the time Utah still produces really nice fish. Anything beyond that is either misinterpretation or speculation.
Sorry if I offended.  I have been known to be guilty of misinterpretation, speculation and to be opinionated.  You can always tell an opinionated just can't tell them much.  Keep up the good work.
(09-03-2021, 04:27 PM)wormandbobber Wrote: I really like that lake in the pics from the original poster. But, truthfully, it is often drained and is drawn down low almost every year. Those tigers, the splake, and a few cutts will back in those waters as soon as next summer.

What cracks me up about fishermen and posts like original one is the fear of "hotspotting" and ruining a good fishery by posting specifics. If you really don't want people to know where you are at, don't post pics. Is it really that hard? And, you are hardly going to ruin good fishing by posting about reservoirs the size of the one in the pics or others that are of similar size or larger.

And, FWIW, I was Saddened clear back in June knowing that this lake would be drained...last fall, that reservoir was a real hoot to fish. Oh well, it will be back...

W&B, I edited you pic, I have sent you a PM about this once but just to make it easier for you and others, here is the step by stem method for attaching pics and the reason for not attaching it using the method you have been using.

Are you able to see the pic I attached of your son's catch? If you are, you need to start using this method below for adding your pics, here is how you do it:

1. Right below where you type your post you will see, "Add image to post", click on that box.
2. A new box will open and you will see, "browse from your computer", click that and it should open up the pics in your device.
3. Click on the pic you want to add, then on the bottom you will see open, click that button.
4. A new box will open and the pic you selected will be in it, then just click on the "upload" button and your pic should appear in your post. 

You can add as many pics as you want with this method.
The method you used was only a temporary method until the method I posted above was fixed.
There are two different servers used on BFT, one that host the pics on this site and the other is only for adding text and PDF files. The one you used was only meant for files and if it fills up too fast because of members posting pics the owner will need to start deleting old post that have pics in them because they use too much space in the server. Before the old site was shut down, this was a problem we were having.with it, so that was why they made this change on this new site, thanks for understanding.

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