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Quagga mussel larvae found in Idaho
I just got this information:

"The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) confirmed yesterday the presence of quagga mussel larvae in the Centennial Waterfront Park area of the Snake River. Multiple samples of quagga mussel at larval life stages have been found in the Twin Falls area by ISDA’s early detection monitoring program. 

The findings mark the first time a rapid response plan has been put into action for quagga mussels in Idaho. ISDA is implementing a rapid response plan that includes notifying impacted entities, implementing containment measures, conducting delimiting surveys and evaluating for potential treatment options." 

Definitely, not the news I wanted to see. Angry
Well that's not good news at all, I wonder if they have any idea where they came from. I wonder if Lake Powell is the closest body of water that has them?
Powell or Mead, most likely. It will mean decontamination for Kent every time he goes sturgeon fishing from now on.
While L Mead & L Powell seem to be most logical since they are the closest, I wouldn't rule other possibilities. Fishing tournaments happen all over this country as well. The clean drain dry method doesn't always apply when you need to be at a tourney in 2 days after finishing one or coming off of an infected lake, hoping there is check stations along the travel distance. Acts of sabotage doesn't take a genius to plan this out but let's hope this isn't it.
Are there any reports put out by Idaho of how many boats they have found with mussels during the boating seasons? This is going to mean everything down stream of Twin Falls will be affected. 
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Not just downstream. Boats go both ways.
That snake ties into about everything, this will be a nightmare to have happen.... Too bad this will probably ruin fishing the way we knew it... Later J
When things get stressful think I'll go fish'en and worry about it tomorrow!
MORE reason to speed up the introduction of Red Ear’s in all infested waters!
Selfish statement…..maybe.
Except that redear sunfish (aka shellcrackers) are a warm water species and would have a very low survival rate up here. They do fine in Mead, but north of there is problematic. At least that's what I have read.

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