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Bear Lake Report-Wednesday 4/14/04
Three of us started fishing off North Eden casting the shallow rocky areas from 8-9:00am. We just let the boat drift since there was little wind. Water was 3-10 feet deep and water temp was about 38 degrees. I caught a huge whitefish while chucking a 4" Berkeley Frenzy. One of the largest whitefish I have ever caught. No other bites. My buddies were using rapalas, Yozuri's and jigs tipped with cisco. We then started trolling with both flat lines and riggers from North Eden south Rainbow Cove. Trolled mainly in 15-35 foot depths. Marked most fish in 20-25 feet of water, even though we graphed water over 100 feet deep.. Very few fish in depths over 30 feet. We pulled up the gear and started again at south Cisco Beach and trolled to the willow tree off South Eden. This time we fished from 15-60 feet. We passed another boat with two guys, who we knew, who said they caught two cutts trolling about 20 foot depths using rapalas with lead line. We concentrated on water 15-25 foot deep and ran the riggers right on bottom. I missed one good hit and caught one cutthroat about 3 1/2 pounds on a 5" Silver Streak hammered-silver color spoon. We tried flatfish, Yozuris, and even deep diving crankbaits with no luck. Overall the fishing was great and the water was flat, however, the catching was slow. I wish we had more time to try some jigging further south. We fished until 11:30 and called it a day.
[size 2]Great report as usual!! Any chance of you posting all your experiences and wisdom on the Idaho board as well? There are a few members there that fish Bear and would love to hear from ya!![/size]

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