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4 days at Bear Lake
Got to my place Thursday morning and downloaded quickly so I could do some scouting. I drove over to Cisco beach and discovered very thin ice but a strong cisco run...good news for a feed and bait. I decided to go back South and try first point and Val's pump house for some whites and cutts but still only a couple inches of ice. I braved it and fished for about an hour and a half, Nada.

Friday, I decided to scoop a limit early and head back to the trailer to prep for a fish fry. Recipee/method at end of post. After about an hour I headed back out to do some more scouting and ventured out on the old rock pile. Nada again and still only a few inches of ice. Went back to trailer and commenced to a major cisco fry with many bud lights and vodka tonics to finish out the evening.

Saturday I was able to hook up with with some fellow BFT'ers and get another limit...I ate mine and needed bait. LOL 5 minutes later and done. We went up to say hi to the disco folks and have a snack. Thanks Scott and Jim for putting on yet another geat feed. My guts were still full of cisco from the night before so I just refilled the hot chocolate mug. The group I was running with decided to hit first poit for some trout action. we were in maybe 3-4 inches of ice, still a little spooky for me. There is a post on the utah board about the fracture that split right thru Rileyfish's drilled holes and seating area. Wholly S#*@ that scared me. We then moved over to the west side to get into thicker ice and away from crowds. Total fish in our group was 1 cutt and 1 very nice Nada again. Went back to the trailer and vacuum sealed my bait.

Sunday was a little less crowded and I fished the state park marina with a friend for about 4 hours. We moved around a bit from 10 feet to 60 feet, only a couple bites but what a beautiful day.

Well, all in all I had an awesome 4 days. No fish but the cisco were great eats and the company was fun.

Fried cisco:

Cut off head and slit from anus to gutt out entrails, leave skin and tail attached
scale and rinse well

Batter consists of 1/2 cup pancake batter, 1/3 cup cornmeal, 1/3 cup flour. I season the dry mix with garlic pepper and lawrys seasoning salt. I dip the cisco in a little milk and drop into a gallon baggy of the dry mix. coat well and slowly drop into peanut oil (350-375 degrees). When the cisco floats back up to top, pretty quick, remove from oil and drain on paper towels.

Crunchy cisco tail chips and moist and tasty meat. I pull the meat/skin off the skeleton but many eat them whole. There is a recipee for a great tarter sauce on the utah board but I prefer them plain.

I plan to head back up next weekend so my wife and son can dip a few for another fish fry. I have my limit so I can sit back and watch.

Hey thanks for the recipe, boy do I have a lot of cooking to do tonight and tomorrow. It is to bad there wasn't a big BFT poster or something I would have like to run into a few of you guys. I know the Utah board was probably well represented; at least Joyride and I made it on the Idaho side. I hope you do well next weekend.

It was good to see you there Pat, where were the rest of the guys when I saw you? I went up and had some fresh cooked cisco after getting my limit, Jim was cooking but Scott was gone. That sure was a big checking station they had down the road, don't think I have ever seen one that big just to check for cisco[crazy]
Rileyfish, petty, blm, and fishingwaters were all right there beside me. they went up to the disco about 5 minutes before we said hello. Scott ended up with us fishing on the west shore.
Thanks for the report--I'm going to have to sample some cisco at some point. My grandfather, who lived his entire life in Bloomington, ID, used to do the cisco thing, but I was never down that way in deep winter, so missed out on it.
Just noticed it was you when I said hey [crazy][crazy]

I too heard about a couple nice Macks coming thru the ice.

Not sure what petty was wearing....I try not to look at him much! LOL
at the disco i only had the Red coat on.

We were all out from the Checking station fishing for big ones!
Here are the pictures that I promised, I haven't got any details yet but they were caught Saturday on the Rockpile.

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