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C J Strike Sat. fishing report
Well went out with the toon at brueano's north side found an access and worked that area. water temp was 42 and the deepest part I was over was 12'. only marked some fish but never got a bump. I wanted to go to where there is this irrigation pump, a buddy caught some fish there once. it was down wind and I wasn't sure how far so never made that. did however find the road down to it and i can "make do" for an access next time
I hope we do meet up sometime. I have a 50# thrust electric on the toon now and it has moved me right along. I haven't run into any wind yet I can't get back on, but I still don't venture to far yet especially when there aren't many out there fishin. If I need to blow my whistle I want it so someone will hear.

I did see your response last time I wrote. I went down to where you were fishin across from the airforce ramp, I looke at that inlet 2 years ago and thought it might hold some panfish, looks like a good camping spot as well, road sure is rough though,20min to the pavement for me saturday.

Have you been down to the pump? road had a little washout this last time. Hope it doen't get any worse.
I hate to tell you this but the road to the pump was gated off last year. I used to fish that area with my float tube at least once a week until one day a heavy duty gate appeared across it at the top of the cliff. I asked a fish and game guy about it a few weeks later and he said that the pump was being vandalized and that the owners gated it off to limit access.

The fishing is so good in that spot that I have considered walking all the way in but have not had the urge yet. I also thought long and hard about blowing the lock off but I figured I would get caught. It really ticks me off that a great spot like that can be ruined by some A__holes.
Well maybe if we find out who to ask and ask real nice they would let a few of us go down there once in a while.

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