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Hi All,

I have been to Strike a few times in the past couple of weeks for Perch. I fish (with others) on the top of the dam. The fishing has been OK to Good at times. 15 in a 4 hour period a couple of times. I have been using cut bait but I have seen others using worms. I think FRESH cut bait is a better way to go. Size of fish: small to 10"-11" The big problem is wind.....remember the saying "East is Least"...a 15-30 mph east wind is NO FUN at all. You never really know what the Strike wind will be like till you get there. We all know as the water warms the fishing will pick up. This happens to me every year...I CAN"T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO FISHING....(BUT..Spring is not here yet!!) One thing for sure is.. Winter Perch are DELICIOUS !! I use a dry mix breading and deep fry them fast. A little homemade Tarter and away we go.

Good luck to all of you. Fish you butt's off and catch a big one.

Sounds like the dam is the next stop when I get over there again. What is your cut bait?
I was fishing right on top of the dam (the walk way).....throwing out to the east and letting the bait go to the bottom then 1 crank up

Good Luck
I use a small piece of perch filet with the skin on ....also a very small hook.

Good luck
Glad you caught some fish there--I have been up a couple of times, fished right off the bank and caught only one smallish rainbow on a roadrunner with a piece of crawler. I tried every lure I have made, plus worms and even grubs, with no nudges at all. I might head up again, if the perch are biting. Do you know if there are perch at the outlet?

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