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bugs in fish
Has anyone besides me caught the fish in Deep Creek this year with little black bugs under the skin/inthe meat? What are they? And are they harmful?
I ice fished Deep Creek three times in December and early January. I saw over 100 fish come out of the ice at Deep Creek this winter and several hundred others over the last few years. I have never seen any black spots on fish from Deep Creek that I can remember. I didn't bring any home to eat this winter and didn't take a really close look at most of the fish I caught. It is possible that I caught fish with these black spots and didn't notice it. Do you have any pictures of these fish?

Guest, thanks for the information. I hope you register a username and come back often.
I have no pictures and if you didn't clean/filet these fish you wouldn't notice them. I checked the link of the previous reply and that appears to be what I've seen. This is something we have be seeing in the fish since last summer.
If you check the Utah site you'll see they have reported fish with parasites from several different waters. You might give a holler over there and see what they thinik.

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