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Brownlee fishing
We made a quick trip up to Woodhead campground to test the new trailer out and also put it in storage at the Gateway Store and Cafe for our future upcoming trips. We only fished Monday the 16th from the bank and crappie in the 7-11 inch range were being taken at the pipe, along with a few perch and bluegill. We also picked up a couple bass from the dock on lipless crank baits.
We are going back up May 9th for 4 nights and this time I'll be bringing the boat.

Thanks for posting your report EZ, sounds like a fun outing. Was there any size to the perch? WH2
New Trailer?? What happened to the tent?? Are you getting Old or Something LOL!!! You are really going to miss camping in the rain in your old tent NOT!! Oh yea, been there done that LOL!!!

Hope to see you up at Brownlee this year. Look for this "Wagon Train"!!

Yep, the tent was getting old. I hope to see you at Brownlee also, I plan on camping there at least 45 days through the summer. We will have the black Lund with the Team Quill on the side. I also plan to hang the BFT flag I got recently at the camp site also.
Hey EZOP, 45+ days at Brownlee? Dude will you be recieving your mail there also? LOL!!! Man 45+ days is alot of fishing for a summer. It looks like we may be there May 16-20 weather permiting. What model of Lund do you run? We are easy to spot, just look for the Artic Fox 5th wheel with the traveling zoo. LOL!!

Mike [cool]
I'm hoping to stay there even more, providing the weather is good into November and if there is plenty of water still in it. I have a ton of days off in row this summer, and with the new camper, we figured we would spend as much time up there and enjoy.

The next time we are going is May 9-13.
And at the moment we were also planning on going back on May 18-22. But the 18th is a Friday and unless I believe I can get a decent spot for a Friday, we may not go. Last weekend it was full. We always try to go on a week day if possible.

It's a black and grey 1675 prosport, yami 100hp 4st. Most people recognize us by the Team Quill on the boat and my wifes blonde hair.
[inline Lund.jpg]

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