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CJ Report
Hello All

Sure glad spring is here at last...

Last month I bought a 12' Alum Boat w/9.9 Yamaha ...nice little fishing boat...I installed a trolling motor and a Humminbird model 565 (note: I guess they forgot the g on purpose) I love the 565 it is easy to see in sun light and was only $179 from Bass Pro. I also installed a onboard 12v batty charger...just plug it in and forget it and a 48 qt Coleman Cooler converted to a "Live Well"...hey what the hell it works. I will be selling this boat in a year and buying a Bass Tracker.

CJ Report:
Fished 5/1 ...water temp 60...air temp 75-80...wind 5mph and under.....NO WIND can you believe it!!!

Caught many smallmouth in 6-10" range ....Where r the big ones? I also caught several small perch on cut bait and 12-15 small crappie on tube jig w/piece of worm. I put in at Black Sands and fished the Cove Campground inlet and around the corner to the head of the narrows. I think there is some great fishing going on right now, I just was not in the right spot. I was lazy and did not move around enough. BUT it was a GREAT day.


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