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does anybody know of any carp holes around eastern idaho? I drove to blackfoot reservoir but the water was very off-colored so sight fishing was impossible. I have fished American Falls with success as well, but does anybody know of any other places? Is there any where closer to Rexburg than the two mentioned? Again thankyou for any information.

I think that you will have to drive to them. You named the two largest bodies of water that come to mind and the other good spots are further away (Walcott and the river between A.F. and Walcott).

People have been doing well on A.F. over the last couple weeks with reports of up to 100 per day and sizes going to almost 30 #.

Carp "Derby" on Blackfoot Res. tomorrow but I don't know the details.

The closest places to Rexburg that have carp that I'm aware of are the Blackfoot River and Snake River(parts of both rivers are closed to fishing, so make sure you check the regs). I've never heard of or seen carp in the Snake River drainage above the Gem Lake Dam (on Snake River just downstream of Idaho Falls). There are carp in Equalizing Reservoir (just East of Blackfoot) but I don't know what the current population is like.

In my opinion, Blackfoot Reservoir and American Falls Reservoir are hands down the best carp fisheries in the area. Oneida has many carp but not as many large carp as Blackfoot Reservoir or American Falls Reservoir. Alexander Reservoir and most parts of the Bear River also have a lot of carp.

Blackfoot Reservoir is a large reservoir and American Falls is huge so it can take some time to find carp at these reservoirs. I'll send you a PM with a few details.

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