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Kids fishin. can somone help please.
Hi guys! first off i would like to say I LOVE THIS SITE! awesome info and you guys really know what your talking about. Now on to my question..

My kids have been telling me there ready to go fish so im going to take them tomarrow. The only problem is im not to sure where to go. I need somplace thats kid friendly there 10 and 8 so there not small by any means, but the only real magical spots i know of are pack your stuff in and get down and dirty. I live in kuna so somplace not too far away would be nice. They just want to catch fish. I took them with me a few weeks ago but we got skunked and they didnt have a very good time. They now understand that fishing is not all about catching fish.

So if anyone can be of some asistance i would really appreciate it. you can post here or send me a messege or email me at [url ""][/url]
and if your into cat fishys let me know and i can give you some info on a killer spot!

Thanks guys
I don't fish the Boise area much so I won't be able to give you exact ideas like others will.

Does the species of fish matter?

If not, go after some bluegill. Bluegill are fun for kids of all ages. I don't know the best places for bluegill and other panfish around Boise/Kuna but mabye someone else will give you some ideas.

I've heard that fishing for smallmouths around Swan Falls will produce some fast action but most of them aren't very large. Catfish might be another good option. Runoff isn't going to be a factor like it was last year, so creek fishing for trout should be good when most creeks open Memorial Day weekend. All of these options mentioned can offer quick enough action to keep 8-10 year old kids interested.

Good luck.
mike thanks for the tip! Do you think you might be able to tell me how to get there. Ive heard of the place before but have never been there? Sounds like a perfect spot for the kids and the wife. I was also thinking about C.J. but dont know about the crowds. As long as the kids have fun im not to worried.
thanks for the info. i was thinkin about bluegill or perch. species doesnt really matter they just want to see there poles move. I think they like the bob in the pole more then they like landing a fish.

i took them to swan falls once and they enjoyed it but i was thinkin maybe somthing more like bobber and some worm type fishin give um somthing to look at. They got a lil bored when i took them out for cats cuz there was alot of time just sitting they got bored and i loved it... more time to empty the beer cooler[Wink]

thank you though..
hey mike thanks i really appreciate it. Ill post up and let everyone know how it goes...

Now i just need to get my boat working and ill be set so if you know anyone who can help me wire a starter let me know. [laugh]

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