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horseshoe bend pond up date....
ok well i took the advice of the kodiac and took the younglings up to horseshoe. got there bout 7 am fished till about 1. my son caught 2 bluegill one was about 4" and the other was about 8" he said he thought he caught a shark!! hahaha. anyway my son and daughter were bobber fishin and she got skunked few bites but thats it. I on the other hand tryed the much more advanced method of worm and mellow on the bottom and didnt get so much as a bite. well i take that back i checked my bait and realized i had a bluegill on there that must have topped out at about 1and a half inch and 3oz. What a whopper!!! i actually thought i had a piece of weed stuck on my hook.

there was one guy in a float tube and i didnt really see him catch anything but i bet his luck was a lil better. Aside from the other 8 million people there i didnt really see to much action from anyone. Lady across the pond caught one rainbow and that really all i saw going on.

Maybe the evening would have been better. who knows? either that or i just forgot how to fish......sorry for the bad report..

mike no problem man. I imagine that with all the people who were there they proble just fished it out. my son found a lil off shoot to the river and decided to chase bullfrogs anyway. They had a good time and i didnt have to sit in downtown boise with no scenery. It was nice.

well try it again here in a week or two. I did kill the bass down at swan falls yesterday eve though so im happy.

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