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Henry's Lake 5/26/07
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]It was one of those few days at Henry’s where the weather was great.[/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]It was warm enough that I didn’t need to wear a coat at 6:30 am and[/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]was in a T-shirt in the afternoon.
There were a lot of other fishermen there. In the morning we had about [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]40 minute wait to launch at the State Park. The line to launch was backed[/size][/font]
[size 3][font "Times New Roman"]up to the toll booth at one point. [/font][/size][font "Times New Roman"][size 3]Fortunately the State Park employees [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]did a great job of helping everyone launch/load there boat quickly. Here [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]is a picture of what the back of the line looked like.[/size][/font]
[Image: gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=25725]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]Fishing was consistent most of the day. I didn’t catch any big fish which[/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]is one of the main reasons I go to Henry’s. However, I know of a few [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]big ones caught opening day. The fish were all fat, healthy and pulled hard.[/size][/font][size 3][font "Times New Roman"] [/font][/size]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]They also were not in the shallow water as much as they were the last [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]couple openers. We had better luck in 14-17 feet of water. We caught [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]fish everywhere in the lake we tried (out from Targee Creek, Wild Rose [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]area, County Boat Dock area and around the cliffs. There were more [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]weeds in some of the shallow places I fished on the opener the last couple years. [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]I think Bill Schiess’ prediction of the fishing at Henry’s becoming similar to [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]how it was eight or ten years ago to be very accurate. For the first time [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]in several years we were able to consistently catch fish on bait. I continued [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]my testing circle hooks for bait fishing while at Henry’s and was very [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]impressed. All of the fish caught on circle hooks were hooked in the [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]corner of the mouth. Surface temp was around 52 in the morning and [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]warmed up to around 55 in the afternoon. Should be a good season [/size][/font]
[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]at Henry’s.[/size][/font][size 3][font "Times New Roman"] [/font][/size]
Nice post Brian, looks like a long way to the water.
We fished off the bank by the cliffs. We caught two on Saturday--one about 22" and one about 14". Both were caught on worm and marshmallows. People on either side of us caught a few also and were using the same bait. Saw a few of the boaters in front of us catch a few, but did not see any fast and furious hauls. We left on Sunday when the wind was blowing so hard.

Did not see the big yellow banana with FG. Sorry, Brian--didn't get a chance to use the jigs/flies you sent. Too many rocks and I didn't want to chance losing them. BUT, I was wearing my Big Fish t-shirt you sent me. [Smile]

Saw this huge motley-colored fish swimming off the bank about 20 yards out. I mean huge and ugly. If I had been near Lucky Peak, I would have said it was a carp because of its size. It just kind of cruised the surface for about 30 seconds and disappeared. Also saw a fish swim by that had two tags on it.
Sorry, Reel Lady, heard the forcast for a windy weekend so decided against not only Henry's but our own Strawberry.
The hubby helped a brother move Saturday till about 2:00, then the brother from Pocatello called and said to come up and we could fish Lake X Sunday.

I was suprised that the hubby loaded the truck and off we went.
We took the H3's instead on this one.

[inline "Memorial 2007.jpg"]

Lake X (which due to it's size I prefer not to mention) was fishing very slow. Fish were rising everywhere and the Gnats were driving us nuts. Waterboatmen skeetering all over, but no takes.
I finally switched to an interrmediate line and a Black/Red Gartside softhackle and BAMB (of course as I was heading in).
Nothing like a 24" to wipe the smell of skunk off.

[inline "Pocatello memorial07 2 450.jpg"]

For you fly flingers, here is a little critter to tie up. Drangonfly nymph, measured about 1 1/4" long.

[inline "Pocatello memorial07 6 450.jpg"]

This is kinda a late report but..... We also fished HL on Saturday and Monday. We got a late start on Saturday since we didn't get into IP until 2:30 AM so decided to sleep in a little. When we came over the hill toward the boat ramp I could not believe all the boats on the lake! When we got there at 10 there was no wait time to launch. We saw several groups at the fish cleaning station with limits of smaller fish and a few 6 and 7 pounders. My dad and I headed out and had our two fish each in a couple of hours. One 16 inch cutt, two fat 3 pound hybreds, and a 3 lb brookie that was the prize catch of the day. All caught on worms.

We went out Monday morning hoping for a repeat but the storms clouds were rolling, the w... was blowing, and the waves rolling. We had all the kids with us this time and it was difficult holding the boat on anchor and keep 7 lines from getting tangled up. With all the boat rocking you wouldn't know if you had a bite or not. We tried trolling with silver blue foxes but nothing. Would have loved to drift with some of the BS flies I bought but too many people in the boat for that type of fishing. So it was a complete blow out of a day at the lake. We took the kids down to river a bit later and got a few small bows.

It always a pleasure to fish HL and I look forward to hitting it again in August for a few days.
Dear Guest,

You are correct in your interpretation of the law. My question is why are we so quick to find fault with people? Why do we assume someone is a law breaker?

There is nothing in BigCats' report to suggest that he did not consume his fish on the first day. I am all about following the law, but lets not attack people who are willingly sharing a great weekend with us.

Good Luck to all this summer.
They don't have to be consumed just transported to their final place of consumption.

Do you really think that everyone at Henrys who caught 2 fish on Saturday either ate them or didn't go fishing Sunday?
Not sure what assumptions you are making here? We caught a limit of fish on saturday. Trust me when I say they were consumed for breakfast on Sunday morning with new potatoes and butter and they were delightful (my whole family was at the cabin so it was really easy to eat 4 fish). We fished again on monday at HL and got skunked so we went to the river at got a couple of Bows which were consumed on tuesday morning for breakfast with rice-o-roni. I'm not sure where in my report you got the indication that I was breaking the law.

Just a guess is that you are a catch and release guy and are offended that i kept fish to eat. Just for the record I don't freeze fish. I eat it fresh or don't eat it at all(which means it gets released).

So I appeciate your "word of caution" but I know the regulations and I obey them.

Why don't you sign up, join us, and contribute something useful.
just a few pics. Sorry about the poor quality, they are from the camera phone.

The first pic is of the fish we caught on Sat that WE CONSUMED on sunday. Sorry there is no picture of the fish frying in the pan

The second pic is of my boys on monday at HL when the wind was blowing and it was cold!
Well, in guest defense, I understand what he or she is saying.
I think of it as more a concern then an attack.
As mentioned I too am a catch and release (even the 34" Henry's Lake Hybrid last year.....what was I thinking!).
Here in Utah, the law is limit IN POSSESSION (which means fillet in your freezer) which means the only way to eliminate that possession, is to eat it or let it go. You have your limit even in the freezer, you can not go fishing again on that body of water till it is gone, thats all there is to it.
You all know that not every one does this, so I think the comment was just that ....a question.
I fished Henry's last year and with in an hour or two, I had landed 15 good sized chub, so I share the concern. I do understand that the Cutt's are not know for being meat eaters in Henry's, but the Brookies are.
Now on the other side....good to hear the report there Big Cat. I am however glad we changed our minds and stayed down south a little[laugh] That boat ramp is enough to turn me off.
All those interested, I have got a good sized get together there later this summer and would love to meet a bunch of you.
[left]From the Idaho F&G Regulations definitions:
[/left][font "Helvetica-Bold"][size 1] [left]BAG LIMIT: [/size][/font][font "Helvetica"][size 1]The maximum number of fish that may be lawfully harvested by any one person in one day. The term “bag limit” shall be construed to be an individual, independent effort and shall not be interpreted in any manner as to allow an individual to take more fish than their “bag limit” and including them in filling the “bag limit” of another. The bag and possession limits are equal, except where listed in region exceptions and for salmon and steelhead.[/left] [left][/left][font "Helvetica-Bold"][size 1] [left]POSSESSION LIMIT: [/size][/font][font "Helvetica"][size 1]Maximum number of fish that may be lawfully in possession of any person. [#ff4040]“Possession limit” shall apply [/#ff4040][#ff4040]to fish while in the field or being transported to the final place of [/#ff4040][#ff4040]consumption or storage. [/#ff4040]All fish that are hooked, landed and not immediately released shall be counted in the possession limit of the person hooking the fish. The bag and possession limits are equal, except where listed in region exceptions and for salmon and steelhead.[/left] [left][/left] [left][/left] [left][font "Arial"][black][size 2]I read this as "in the field or being transported". Possession limits do not count as being in your freezer at home. My two cents. I also like fresh trout and do not freeze it--gets mushy after it's been frozen.[/size][/black][/font][/left][/size][/font][/size][/font]
That is why I said Utah.[Wink] We have a little stricter rules on some things. We haven't been able to use corn for years.
A couple was busted last year for going to a local pond, catching their limit, freezing it, then go back for more. Something like 150 fish frozen in there house and they were charged for each and every one of them.

Where it says in the field, and you are camping out for more than one day, it reads like you still have to eat your catch to go back for more. I don't know if a Camper freezer or ice chest is considered final Storage.

I don't know, that thing reads a little funny, what else is new, but then again thats regulations.[crazy]

I am with you RL. I will keep one or two fish a year and have a nice fresh fish dinner the day of the hook-up.[Smile]

How many of you, after catching your limit, pull in your lines and head in? I see a lot of people fish all the way in even thought their stringers are full. You got your limit on your stringer, you are done, right?!
FG and RL,
All good point about the regs. I always read the regs for both Idaho and Utah since I fish both. I try to be as familiar as possible before fishing either state.

I just felt like I was being accused of doing something wrong. If the "word of warning" is coming from a local on the board like BrianID or FG or several others that I have some sort of "internet history" with than it is taken just as that.. "a word of warning" and I say "thanks for the heads up but no probs here". But coming from "guest" it comes across a little different. I know tybugs has had to post as guest a few time lately so if it was him, sorry.

I know HL is an amazing fishery and needs to be taken care of and respected and not abused. I fish it two times during the year usually get skunked (read some of my old posts). So I don't feel bad about harvesting usually less than 5 fish a year out of it.

I don't have any problem with catch and release. I fish Strawberry 95% of my fishing trips and maybe bring home less than 10 fish a year to eat. But when we are on vacation in IP we like a good fish dinner or breakfast.[Smile]
Don't assume catch and release either. guest is just making his or her assumption I read your post and it looks like you had a great time and did everything by the rules
Here is possession but if you eat there is no possession which bigcat made clear in the othere post
Like my little Bro said, good job. I was also going to mention that a number of people, my self included, have found that you have to EARN fish at Henry's. They don't come easy, but when you are lucky enough to score, you score big time.

My biggest problem is I try to see the good in what people say or do, and I was trying to see the good in Guests report.
However, if they wanted to start a fight, I guess not logging in would be the first step.
Right On Big Cat and Reel Lady on breaking the secret code for Henry's. It will just keep getting better and better.
Ha...broke the code and then lost it! One fish for myself in two days and one fish for my companion. Yeesh. Last year, caught only two for myself at HL. I think 2002 and 2003 was the last time I actually caught two fish in one outing. I only go to Henry's about 2-3 times in a year. Let me know when you do that gathering later this year-I'll try to hook up with you.
I too have been on the One Fish board. But man, that one fish makes up for a lot of littler ones on other waters.
It wasn't till about 2 or 3 years ago that I got into fish on Henry's and it WAS because I read Bills book and use Bill's flies (althought I tie them [cool] gotta save money for the trip up there[laugh])
Last June, we took a chance and fished for a couple of hours in June. I say a couple of hours cause it took that long to get back in. I did score a nice 27" however, but due to the waves and lightning, no picture.

[inline "henry's.jpg"]
First 3 trips up there I got skunked. I've had some killer days since then and had some slow days also.
Spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at HL, fishing from a smallish open boat. Got blown off after about an hour both Thursday and Friday, and fished for about 5 hours on Saturday. Had one hit on a chartreuse crystal bugger, one hit on a small panther Martin, and my pard had one hit on a Rapala. None were hooked. A few boats were catching fish, mostly with bait and pop-gear, but I'd consider it pretty slow fishing, which is quite typical for HL in the spring. One change from years previous is, the time limit for fishing has been lifted, so you can fish all night if you want, and if you have lights. Things should pick up as the weather and water warms, and the weeds get long.[mad]

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