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Lucky Peak Report 5-30-07
Hi, Mike. Just noted your Anderson post. Hope that wasn't me; I'm the laid-back friendly type. I always look for posters or anyone with a wave or a howdy. There were two other boats last Wednesday in our vicinity but I didn't see them catching anything; they were without riggers. Didn't see your Hewes. I was with my grandson, my brother-in-law and a teenaged nephew. Same place just west of the nursery cove. I'm also noting a few hundred foot dead zone along the rock cliff; hope they're not dumping any contaminated water or nursery chem runoff??? I think they pump out water; there is a large pipe extending down into the water just east of the cove.
We hit the kokes steady for around 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Kept 15; lost 5 or 6 due to inexperienced netters, and we released a few dinks. DR's at 25' and 35' pulling UV and Pink flourescent Apexes behind beer cans. (with scented corn) I've switched my riggers to ball flashers with stacker clips around 4 feet above the ball. Only a 10' to 15' line set back from the clip to the flasher. This allows a tighter turn without the lines fouling. The small crystal river release clips are releasing just about every time; even on the smalls. Had one really hard take down that may have been the big koke I'm searching for this year or a big trout? What ever it was slammed it and doubled the pole right down under the water before it released and then went slack. (guess it could've been a submerged log or a BIG pikeminnow???...)
The fish were fat but smaller with the exception of two football 15"ers. Most were 10" to 12" so I gave the big ones and a few smalls to my guests and smoked eight of the smaller ones.
There is at least one big red arched column on the finder that moves around somewhat but I've painted it twice this year along those black cliffs west of the cove; maybe 50-75 yards off the shore? We mark it and just race track it. They were hitting in either direction as we approached the "golden arches".[Smile]

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