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C.J. Strike report
Went fishing on Sunday to C. J. strike. It was too windy to fish the main reservoir by small pontoon boat. My wife and I went to Cove Arm to see how the wind was there. Not bad at all. we launched our boats and fished on the east(left) side about halfway between the ramp and the dike. Anchored in about 12-15 feet of water close enough to shore to cast 1/8 oz jigs to the shoreline. Caught a lot of crappie (40-50) a few bluegill and a nice largemouth on chartruese jigs. Tried other colors and they worked but not nearly as well. the first crappie was about 10 inches long, so I got my hopes pretty high. The rest were smaller 7-8 inches. The bluegill were as big as the crappie, probably bigger. I caught all of these when I used a bobber with the jig. Oh yeah, I tipped the jig with crappie nibbles power bait. Most of the fish were smaller but there were plenty of keepers. When I cleaned them the crappie and gills still had eggs, so they should be spawning for awhile longer. Hope this helps some one have as good a day fishing as we did.
Thanks Nute and welcome!

It encourages me to hear this wonderful report about Cove Arm. I love it there and Crane Falls.A good day of fishin!!

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