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2 trolling secrets that you will want to try
Those are a couple of really good trolling tips. I'm one of the guys that has just dropped a swivel to the "belly" of the line as an extra line. Like you said, this usually means that the extra line is too high. You have to choose which rig to put in the strike zone. Because of this I have chosen to just stack a second rod when I feel like getting something extra down there. But, I'm going to try your rubber band trick. That is so simple!

I've seen the diving rap rig before but I've never tried it. I usually have so many lines out that I don't have room for another. But, if it really does stay back behind the other rigs I may have to give it a shot. I have a rod holder right in the back that rarely gets used.

Again, thanks for taking the time to provide a couple of trolling tips. The pics really help as well!

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