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Utah DWR Wildlife News

Tax season over on April 15
A few days are still left to help songbirds, river otters and other wildlife that people don't hunt or fish for.
You can help by giving a few dollars to Utah's Nongame Wildlife Fund before the income tax deadline on April 15. To give a donation, go to line 19 on your 2007 Utah State Income Tax form. Once you're there, enter code 01 and the amount you want to donate.
If you've already filed your taxes, there's another way you can provide Utah's nongame wildlife with some much-needed help.

Nongame wildlife need funding
"Most Utahns don't realize it, but hunters and anglers provide almost all of the funding to manage the state's wildlife," says Greg Sheehan, Administrative Services Section chief for the Division of Wildlife Resources.
"Hunters and anglers provide this funding when they buy hunting and fishing licenses and equipment," Sheehan says. "Because sportsmen are paying the cost to manage Utah's wildlife, we use most of the money we receive from them to manage wildlife that people hunt or fish for."
Money from the nongame wildlife fund is used differently. "Money from the fund is used entirely to help wildlife for which people don't hunt or fish," Sheehan says. "For people who care about nongame wildlife, donating to the fund is a convenient and easy way to help."

If you've already filed your taxes
If you've already filed your taxes, you can still help. The DWR accepts donations for nongame wildlife throughout the year.
You can send your donation to Division of Wildlife Resources, P.O. Box 146301, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114-6301. Please indicate, either on the check or on a note attached to the check, that the money is for Utah's Nongame Wildlife Fund...
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If you're a junior high or high school student, you could be fishing with some of Utah's best anglers this summer.
And the fishing trip to Flaming Gorge Reservoir is free!
The trip includes an overnight stay and meals with the fishing pros and Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers. You'll also receive free fishing tackle and one day of special fishing instruction.
To qualify, you must submit a 300- to 500-word essay at by April 30. "Tell us why fishing is special and important to you, and what you can do to protect its future," says DWR Sergeant Stacey Jones. Jones is also president of the Utah Conservation Officer's Association.
In May, one winner in each grade, grades 7 through 12, will be selected for the free trip.
The contest is sponsored by the Utah Conservation Officer's Association. For more information, visit

"¢ White-tailed prairie dog survey about to begin
What biologists find will be a major factor in deciding whether white-tailed prairie dogs are placed on the federal list of threatened and endangered species.

"¢ Smoke in northern Utah
Don't be concerned if you see smoke above some of the wetlands in northern Utah over the next few weeks. The controlled burns that are causing the smoke are actually helping the marsh by reducing a plant called phragmites.

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