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Slow day on Fontenelle
We fished Fontenelle today without much luck. We caught 2 browns and a rainbow and had one other fish on. The browns were caught on a dodger/ serpent spoon combo, the rainbow came on a crankbait. We thru everything in the box at 'em, but just couldn't find were and what. We marked fish all over the place. Water was 41. It was a great sunny day and good to be fishin' !!
[#4040ff]Sorry about the fishing ,but a good report anyway. Now that the ice is off fontenelle,it won't be long before the fishing picks up. How low is the water? [/#4040ff]
the water was very low, with little or no run off yet. The green near Daniel was still low and clear. When it comes it's going to be big.....if it ever warms up !!
Good report, and thanks for sharing your pics. like they say even a bad day fishing.....
i spent a half a day up there two weeks ago and there was still ice, did manage to catch two browns on inlet of fontennelle creek. last year i had already been out in boat in middle of april and did great on the browns. one of my old standbys is a bull head looking lure made by salmo bullhead. it looks exactly like a sculpin and believe me works wonders on the browns up there.

good fishing....

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