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Fishing Report
Surface temperatures at Lake Lanier are still holding around 70 degrees. The lake is slowly falling, and is now more than 15 feet below normal pool, which continues to hold the fish in a smaller area where they are easier to catch.<br> Low water and stable surface temperatures have slowed much of the schooling activity, except around sunrise and sunset near major tributaries. These fish can still be caught with any number of minnow-type lures, like the Swirleybird spinner, smaller Rat-L-Traps, or leadhead jigs with 3-inch, curlytailed, chartreuse Ranger grubs. Also, a few big largemouth bass are being caught using buzzbaits around visible structures, or up in the current of the Chattahoochee River on small spinnerbaits.<br> Striper fishing on large topewater lures from Lanier Islands to Browns Bridge has been "hot and heavy" lately. The best times are near first light or just before dark, but action can be found throughout the day. <br> Jigging spoons like the 1 ounce Pirk Minnow have already started producing catches of multiple species below schools of baitfish at 10 to 20 feet in major tributaries, but live shad, shiners, or blueback herring dropped to the same depths will also produce good catches.<br> Because of the turnover, waters below the dam in the "Hooch" have been slower producing good catches recently.<br><br><br>Living to Fish and Fishing to Live<br>Bill Vanderford<br><br>770-962-241

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