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Biggest Fish
Just for fun what will it take to win the [#0000ff]Biggest Fish[/#0000ff] prize this year?

Guess the size and type of fish it will be. Here are the results from the past three years.

07- 36inch Lake Trout
08- 32inch Lake Trout
09- 29inch Channel Catfish
I would like to say pike but im gonna say lake trout. Just a guess. as far as inches about 35.

[center][#ff0000]PIKEMAN GO FISH[/#ff0000]
i'm sure it's going to be a lake trout this year again.. but then i have seen some splake comeing in over 30 inchs again this year .. and seen some tigers pushing 30 inchs as well.. thats for the trout.. a pike or musky somewhere in the 30 inch's or so should be non trout. in less someone finds the cat's again
I'm ready to get this party started!

I'm going to say 33" Lake Trout and 34" Tiger Muskie
Fuzzy come see me , we will put a 40''+laker in your hands!![cool]as soon as we get some ice.
oh you bet i'm planing on getting up there this year and doing some laker fishing! i'll have to put the new camper and snowmobile to good use.. [sly] i'm just waiting on word from you that there is fishable ice in the right areas and i'll be on my way.. well as long as work dont call me first.. even if they do i'll be there as soon as i can get up there.. [sly]

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