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CoyoteSpinner's 2011-2012 entries
I don't expect to win nuthin! But like taking the fishy-pix anyway, so why not.
First day on the ice this season - Mantua. Won't bother posting the bitty-gills, but did get onto a chunky 16 inch rainbow trout, as well as a beefy 16 inch Largemouth (got him on the ice, then sucker about slipped back down the hole! Managed to grab his lip before he left for the deeps!)

Rainbow Trout 16 inch
[/#ff0000][inline 100_0927.JPG]

Largemouth Bass 16 inch

[inline 100_0924.JPG]
Couple more entries. No record breakers, but not bad for the fish-type. Hopefully I can improve on this over the coarse of the season, but it's a start.

Mantua 12/18/11 Got a 9 inch chunky perch, and an 8+ inch Bluegill. I think if I'd angled it better, and pinched the tail - might come up 8.5, but just count it as 8 I'd say. Don't know that I'll see a 'bigger' bluegill.

Perch 9 inch

[inline Coyotes_Perch.jpg]

Bluegill 8 inch

[inline Coyotes_BlueGill.jpg]

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