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Fish were caught at Cutler Reservoir, 28 May 2012. I know they won't win the contest, but hey, no one else has any entries yet. So at least I was in first for a bit. [:p]

24-inch channel: [#bf0000]24 points[/#bf0000]
[inline 2012-05-28_13-17-59_735.jpg]

25-inch channel: [#bf0000]25 points[/#bf0000]
[inline 2012-05-28_14-38-46_727.jpg]
Do you get bonus points for the leeches on the mouth?[Wink]
Rip em off and put em on a hook!
Do you use a size 6 hook with the SPITZ sunflower seeds or a size 5? I prefer the dillpickle flavor with a 00 size hook over the black pepper flavor... Congrads nice ugly fish...J/K
Nicely done - first on the boards. Funny he noticed the leeches - the way you hollered out about them once you finally netted that thunk!

Got my first Carp on a Fly - a Flying ARROW that is!
This time around I spent more time sticking carp, while you got on some kittie action!

So poked my first golden tarpons - nailed a half dozen, but only landed 3 - they thrashed so hard they done popped off! Sure are some tough beasts. Only shots I took were with the bow, so no pictures.

I'm gonna move this over to the contest board.
I sure hope that one does not hold up as the winner. But hey, ya got one on the board. Good job.

I expect to post up a 30, maybe 32 incher any day now. Just need a little more time (luck?). Again, way to go.
Now I know where to put the new posts. I know these won't hold up in the long run, but I had to get something on the boards in May. I went out today with the goal of finding at least a couple of kitties to get me started in the contest. Goal achieved. Had the wind not been so bad (again, imagine that), I probably would have been tempted to go after more carp with the bow. Glad I resisted the little urge today. Paid off well. It was a successful day in my book. Now I have to get my next goal - bigger than 25 inches.
As per the rules - you're welcome to upgrade your entries, so I'd say it's a good start. A 9lbers a pretty good fish!

Yeah - that wind was kicking up pretty good, so I wimped out on launching. Nice that I could bump into you down that slough anyway. Of course by the time I packed up it was nice and calm. Was tempted to go launch, but it'd been a long day in the sun already.

It's tuff to target those carp when it's so muddy. Had a few visible passers, and some high in the water, but lots more mud-clouds. And scattering when I did take a shot. But acheived my goal of landing a fist bow-carp! Didn't measure, but think some were bigger than your cat.

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