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CATFISH CONTEST 2012: Boatloadakids
Hit Bird Island today at UL and picked up this nice cat. Fishing was good until about 8 a.m. and then it shut right down. Caught 'em on carp meat. Got 6 in the 20 to 24 inch range and this one that went 28 inches, weighed 13 pounds 12 oz. Fun. Was fishing alone so pics are not the best. The 30 plus incher continues to elude me..... for now.

Remind me again not to stick my pinkies in the mouth of a big cat.

The South will prevail!
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Nice cat there. Looks like a male with them purply lips? That's a heavy 28incher! Must be the fat-head!

Not sure if you were smiling or grimacing in that posed-picture, but seeing that thumb!!!! Little noodling, eh?

So you didn't want to enter your others? You get three "slots".
I thought of entering those others after I released them and I should have at least taken a picture of them. I caught the biggest one first and hoped I could break that 30 inch mark later in the morning. I lost one that was really showing some strength when he used the old around-the-anchor-rope defense and broke me off. I think the orgy is in full swing out there now and I'll be back after 'em tomorrow.

Watch for my up-grade tomorrow. Can't wait to get after 'em again. Good luck to you and all the other northers up there. I still think the biggest cat will come from up there unless the guys down in Green River pull in another whopper.

That big one really clamped down on my paw. Once he got a good hold he did the old shake-em and drew blood . Those things have some crunch in their jaws.

Fun contest and good sport with good friends.
Got this 23 incher today (6-13) to add to my totals. Got 'im at Bird Island again.
Kinda goofed when I did not get a pic of the 25 incher I released yesterday. Oh well, plenty of time and plenty of cats.

Best to all.

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Picked up this 23 incher today (6-14) at Lincoln Beach using carp meat. Wanted to get my third fish entered and then start upgrading.(hopehully)

Fishing was good today. Caughjt 10 cats but mostly cookie cutters. I had my twin grandsons and a grandaughter with me and it made the day special.

Hope to upgrade my totals when I finally catch up with that 30 plus incher. [Wink]

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Hit Bird Island today, 7-19, and fishin' was really good. Took about 10 cats and all of them were good sized. Carp meat was the bait of the day. Got this 28 incher and stretched him every way I could to try to make 30 but just couldn't do it. Still, he's the biggest and baddest and ugliest one I have caught this year. I thought I had the north boys beat for sure when I first saw him but not so. Lots of activity out there today and I'll be there again tomorrow a.m.

Just a matter of time.

Good luck to all. [#500000]28[/#500000]
Hey Coyote,
Bump me up 3 inches. Caught this 26 incher at Lincoln Beach today, 8-10. Caught several today mostly on carp meat and white bass heads.

Still looking for Mr. 30+.



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