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2012-13 Ice Fishing Contest: andiibart
My first ever time catching Crappie! Caught at Pineview 13.25 " 13.5 with a tail pinch

[#BF0000]damned cell phone pix! Good thing I can squint.
13.5, pinch is good. If it's not too windy!
Perch, 8.5 caught at Newton, verified by BamaBoy

Guess I forgot to link the pic, woops!
Iiiiaaaa'll to the verifying around here - Babalouay! [Wink]

Had to stand on my head, but
8.5 pts

add the date. I know when you were there, cuz I was getting live updates! [/#bf0000]
2-23-13 Blue gill, 5.5 inches, It's a dink but its the only dang bluegill i've been able to catch all winter. verified by Bamaboy. caught at Newton.

[#BF0000]ok 5.5 it is. Shoulda hit Mantua early, and Bama woulda found 'em for ya![/#BF0000]
Had some fun bassin today, this one was only 11.5" but its one of my bigger fish this season Sadly. caught on Bear River 3/2/13.

[#bf0000]11 pts[/#bf0000]
can you increase your resolution? Pix are pretty small to view.

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