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CATFISH CONTEST 2013: CoyoteSpinner
Sample entry post. Follow the title pattern, we're going to have other contests running simultaneously and overlapping at the same time.

Think I'm due for some scouting trips.

Goal this year - break both the 30" and the 10lb mark.
Didn't happen today, but out of "posse" I had the biggun, so - it's my start. Humbled after that new SR offer!

But we got some night time plans to play for catchup . . .
Wow yote is that a 12" ruler looks like you need bigger bait ! More than ive got I guess.
Welp - caught my first kitties for the year. Nothing but pups, but figured I'd get on the boards.

Bama squeeze 15 out of this wriggler, and I FULLY expect to bounce this babe off my board before all is said and done. April 13th, Cutler
Embarrassed to post a tidbit like this after that new C&R Record toad! I'm gonna go find her for a date too!!!

Still nothing "worthy" but I'll thrown the up for now, since the south has been SO quiet. . heck at least they are channels, not mudders!

Cutler 5/5
a nudder 15.5, and an 18" chunker.
At least they had tails intact.
[#ff0000]confi[/#ff0000][#ff0000]rmed by WH2 on 05-13-13
[inline "15.5 yote.jpg"]

[inline "Yotes 18.JPG"]
Bear River 5/11

Notching up the entries

Channel cats at 22, 23, and 26 inch

confirmed by WH2 on 05-13-13[/#ff0000]

Carp at 24", caught on a hook, worm, then 'gigged' out of the wood with an arrow.
If anyone's got issue with the landing, I'll withdraw, and catch a bigger one!
Nice carp and ever nicer kitties.
Couple more kitties from Cutler 5-26-13

Had a good day, lots of frisky tugs, good weather till the wind kicked in at noon!

Got several in the 20+ range, non less. The best for the day, and my notch-entries were a 24", and a 28" lunker. My best mark for this year. Still looking to break the 30" mark!

[inline "18in Powerhouse.jpg"]

[inline "Happy Kitty.jpg"]

[#ff0000]confirmed by WH2 on 05-27-13[/#ff0000]
one more bump.

Cutler 5_27_13
Sucker for some sucker
25.5 " channel

[#ff0000]confirmed by WH2 on 05-30-13[/#ff0000]

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