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bear lake
Went to Bear lake sunday, got there about 6.30 am and stayed till 6.00 p.m. Fished near the pump house on the east side satrted in about 20' of water and worked our way out into about 40'. The fishing was fast and furious first thing in the morning for White fish And one big Cut bout 24" long, but then I think the fish went to sleep. Finally picked back up at around 3p.m then it was non stop action again for a few hours. All in all my friend and I caught about 15 Whitefish 7 cuts and not One Mac(The real reason we were there) I tell you what If you are thinking about heading up there in the next few days the pump house area is about the only option you have, open water all along the east side. take a drive over there between the first and second points and see the ice piled up 15' to 20 feet' "Awesome site" Oh by the way the ice was about 4 to 6"thick in close and about 2"thick if you walked out a ways and it was doing a lot of moaning and groaning, at one point the entire ice sheet moved about 2' followed by an extremely loud crashing sound"can you say check youre coveralls" Good luck and be careful<br><br>
Great to hear of some hot action. Too bad there were no lakers caught. I need to get in gear on the lake trout. Thats some scary ice though! <br><br>
Sounds like you had a better time then I, I too was there Sunday and got there at 10:00 and stayed til 2:00, I was at the pumphouse aswell and I only caught 7 whitefish and 1 native, But the ice was much thicker then 4 to 6 inches, everywhere I walked the ice varied 6 to 12 inches! (old ice), of course the new ice was about 4 inches thick, not to mention that the ice shook and groaned alot.. the ice pilled up was pretty cool tho..<br><br>
We went to Bear lake friday march 15th and fished in 70 ft of water at the State park marina, fishing was slow in the morning but it picked up around noon and we caught three mac that were 4, 5 & 8 pounds and two cutts. It was a nice day on the ice. WH2 <br><br>
How was the Ice?<br><br>Texas gulf cost fisher.
Dang WH2! I admit, I put the ice fishing stuff away too early. Sounds like you had a good time though. Keep on catching them.<br><br>
The last 3 weekends I have been going up to Bear Lake I have been hitting the rock pile and doing great, fishing in 30 feet of water was best, caught 7 cutts and one large laker and tons of whiefish if you put the 3 trips together...great trips,...going to Utah Lake this weekend to get some eyes<br><br>

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