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So, my son and I went to the Jordan River with UTAHLAKECATS and OREMCHICK on Saturday. We had a pretty nice night.

22" Channel I'm guessin 3 or 4 pounds.

26" Channel in the 5 pound neighborhood.

I didn't get pictures of the other two, and I couldn't claim them if I did. Caught them all using strips of frozen Mahi Mahi fillet from Costco out of my freezer on a Carolina rig.
Looks like a fun out. Make sure you line the tape at the end of the tail, we are going by the 1/2 inch and I could almost see shaving a titch. Don't want Lavaman thinking I'm making favoritism to the south... [blush]
But you can pinch the tail if you have a third hand. Give it to ya this time - first entry, nice ones.
Can't count your son's unless he's entered himself, sorry - gotta catch it yourself. Though a 20" is a monster.
You did say 20" right, or was that lbs? Ha, funny one.

22 pts
26 pts
found the picture of the third fish. This guy was landed by my 5 yr old son on his tiny little Bumblebee combo.

20" Channel, right around 3 lbs.

Same Jordan River location. Carolina Rig. This time, using a crawler.
That 26" felt more like 6-ish lbs to me - well done sir! We'll be at it again soon
Absolutely. I'm in for Friday night if you're up to it again. That 20 lb monster is in there, we've just gotta pull him out.
Here's my 11" channel catfish. I caught it at Utah Lake at the boat harbor (AF) on a shrimp. My dad took this picture for me.
11" - that works.
Sent you a PM, suggest you either print off a new poster with your name, or write your username on you dad's poster.

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