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EricM, Chick, Blue cats, 7-18-13, friend Stuart
It seems to have been eons since I have been fishing. My retired friend Stuart emailed and said "Let's go fishing". His wife Barb emailed and said "For God's sake get him out of here and take him fishing".<br /><br />I saved both of their sanities, and maybe one or both of their lives. I took Stuart fishing.<br /><br />The water flow was still amazing at 75,000 cfs and it sure was screaming past the nuke. My "controlled" drifts were anything but, with the bait remaining in the effective zone for perhaps 30 seconds per drift. We were getting bites but missing most fish. I changed tactics and hit the "anchor" button on the Minn Kota trolling motor upstream of where I thought the fish were holding. To my amazement, it held us beautifully in the same spot in that that high current for about 2-1/2 hours! I never touched the remote control the whole time.<br /><br />We never moved and caught 13 blue cats there with several in the 10 pound range, missed a bunch, and lost several fish. The sun and relatively calm wind drove us off of the water at about noon, but it was great to get out with my friend again. Although there were no giant fish caught today, we had a terrific time catching fish and running our mouths.<br /><br />Stuart, unmindful of the great favor I had done him in saving him from Barb, caught the first, biggest, and most fish today. Huh.<br /><br /><br />

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